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June 4, 2014

Category: Miscellaneous  -  Published by: Robin Lapointe

In the present day and age where everything is going ever faster and our time is carefully tallied, we all want to quickly obtain answers to our questions. We are now proposing a solution that will help you to find the information you’re looking for, right at your very fingertips.

Canam-Bridges has created a blog that, we hope, will become an ally in the execution of your bridge projects. This latest initiative is in line with our ongoing efforts aimed at the pursuit of a better customer experience. Through the means of regular posts by our experts, this blog will present technical articles, case studies as well as information on our new products and services.

A Few Words on the Company

Canam-Bridges is the largest steel bridge fabricator in Canada and is also present in the United States. Specialized in the design, fabrication and erection of bridges as well as Goodco Z-Tech structural bearings and expansion joints, we execute all types of projects for general contractors in the civil engineering sector, provincial and state departments of transportation, railway companies and forestry businesses. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, significant production capacity and expert teams, Canam-Bridges executes an average of 400 projects each year. The company was founded in 1956 and became a division of Canam Group in 1998.

Extensive Production Capacity

Canam-Bridges disposes of five plants in Canada and the United States for the fabrication of bridge components and related products.

Localisation Area
(bridge fabrication)
Annual capacity Products and services
Quebec City, QC 300,000 sq. ft.
(27,870 m2)
25 000 tons Bridges, orthotropic deck, painting and metallizing
Saint-Gédéon-de-Beauce, QC 100,000 sq. ft.
(9,290 m2)
10,000 tons Bridges
Laval, QC 80,450 sq. ft.
(7,475 m2)
± 300 projects Goodco Z-Tech structural bearings and expansion joints
Claremont, NH 248,650 sq. ft.
(23,100 m2)
25,000 tons Bridges, orthotropic deck, painting and metallizing
Point of Rocks, MD 96,000 sq. ft.
(8,920 m2)
10,000 tons Bridges, painting and metallizing

Large-Scale Projects

Our expertise, coupled with our production capacity, has positioned Canam-Bridges to obtain a number of major contracts in recent years. Below are a few such projects:


United States

Pont Deh Cho

We hope that you will find the information that you’re looking for in our articles and invite you to forward your questions so that we can be sure to properly meet your needs.

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