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Railway Bridge Gantry Crane System

The Canam Railway Bridge Gantry System will provide stability, speed, and precision as an alternative to conventional mobile cranes. This system will be able to remove an entire railway span, including deck, and replace it with a new span within six hours with absolutely no impact on the environment.

The system will be able to lift up to 176.4 imperial tons and to replace spans up to 125 feet long by 19 feet wide and 10 feet high. One advantage unique to our system will be its ability to skew and reduce in its width, allowing it to travel to and from a site within allowable railway clearance.

This solution will be a safer, greener, faster, cost effective and reliable solution for railway bridge replacement, translating into considerable savings for all project stakeholders.




  • Replace spans within 6 hours
  • Safer operation than other methods
  • No environmental impact
  • System delivered to site and mobilized within days
  • Ideal for sites with restricted access
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