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New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project


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Watch our videoclips and learn more about the fabrication of steel box girders for the new Champlain Bridge.

Videoclip 1: Engineering and Drafting

Discover the engineering and drafting challenges for the fabrication of the new Champlain Bridge components.

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Videoclip 2: Shop Issuing

Learn how the Lean culture has greatly contributed to the collaborative improvement of our procedures.

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Videoclip 3: Box Girders Fabrication

Find out how the new Champlain Bridge project is a challenge for the fabrication and quality control teams.

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Videoclip 4: Delivery of Components to the Site

Find Out How the new Champlain Bridge Box Girders Delivery is a Major Logistical Challenge.

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Project Details


Montreal/Brossard, QC, Canada

Type of Structure

2.1-mile (3.4 km) highway bridge (approaches: 1.7 miles (2.8 km)) and the Île-des-Soeurs Bridge, a 7 span bridge with a total length of 1,600 ft. (490 m).

Year(s) of Manufacture


Bridge Opening

Expected in 2018

General Contractor

Signature on the St. Lawrence Construction G.P.

Engineering Firm

International Bridge Technologies Canada


Infrastructures Canada

Products and Services

Fabrication of the steel superstructure for the approaches (44,000 tons) and fabrication of the Île-des-Soeurs Bridge (5,100 tons)

601 double box girders

160 plate girders

Longest girder: 116 ft. (35.4 m)

Heaviest girder: 85 tons



Construction of all 35 spans for the approaches to the new Champlain Bridge over the Saint Lawrence River between Île-des-Soeurs and Brossard, Quebec, and construction of the Île-des-Soeurs Bridge.


The bridge approaches comprise three separate decks: a middle deck reserved for public transit lanes that’s made of a single box girder and two other decks, one for each travel direction, that are each made of two box girders. Cover plates connecting the two girders and peripheral supporting elements complete these deck structures.



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