Standard Truss Bridges

Image_Integration_Portal_ViewIn an effort to provide innovative solutions to its customers, Canam-Bridges now offers a durable standard truss bridge that meets market demand for infrastructures.

Available in lengths ranging from 240 to 360 ft. (73 to 100 m) and featuring a nominal lifespan of 75 years, these standardized bridges are predesigned so that fabrication can begin as soon as we receive an order, saving several weeks from a traditional bridge acquisition schedule.

Quick and Easy Construction

Due to its fully bolted components and light frame, this type of bridge is simple to erect. The heaviest component weighs 5 tons (4,500 kg). Its erection requires no heavy equipment and is designed to be erected by either the launching or conventional method.

The bridge design complies with AASHTO and CAN/CSA-S6 specifications and comes with all bridge components, including the bridge deck with an integrated wearing surface, guardrails, structural bearings and an expansion joint.

  • Through truss bridge with two lanes
  • Design standards:
    • AASHTO, live load vehicle HL-93
    • CSA-S6, live load vehicle CL-625 and lane loading
  • ASTM A709 Gr. 50, A572 Gr. 50 and A992 Gr. 50 steel (CSA G40.21 350 WT)
  • Hot-dip galvanized coating
  • Orthotropic steel deck units of 6 ft. x 10 ft. (1.83 m x 3.05 m) with an aggregate anti-skid coating wearing surface (fabricated by Acrow Corporation)
  • Easily shipped in standard 40 ft. (10.2 m) containers
  • Included:
    • AASHTO TL-4 (CSA PL-2) railing system
    • Goodco Z-Tech structural bearings and expansion joint
    • Design and supply of steel
    • Superstructure drawings approved by a professional engineer
    • Installation procedure and technical drawings
  • 6 to 8 weeks procurement lead time
  • Included:
    • Assistance to the abutment foundation engineer
    • Assistance to the contractor during the bidding process
  • Optional:
    • Onsite assistance during erection
    • Final inspection and certification

Contact our experts to identify which type of structure is best suited to your project.

ACROW-FINAL-IMAGERY-LOGO-1200x757Canam-Bridges and Acrow Corporation, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company based in Parsippany, New Jersey, have signed an agreement to collaborate and cooperate in the sales and marketing of each company’s respective products. This partnership agreement helps to increase our visibility both in North America and on the international stage, and enables us to share our mutual expertise in order to better serve our customers and meet emerging market needs.

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