Orthotropic Steel Deck

Orthotropic steel deck is a high-potential solution for the rapid replacement38303 or rehabilitation of bridges.

Lighter and more flexible than its conventional concrete counterpart, orthotropic steel deck reduces assembly time in the field and limits disruptions to traffic.


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Orthotropic Steel Deck: a Solution for Sustainable Development

Thanks to our extensive knowhow and rigorous quality control system, Canam-Bridges is able to design and fabricate orthotropic steel deck that will meet all of your requirements in terms of both efficiency and safety.

Rapid Erection

  • Field assembly time is reduced due to the length of our prefabricated panels
    (composite or non-composite use)
  • Excellent solution if repairs are to be undertaken in heavy traffic areas at night and be open to traffic after erection
  • Comprehensive solution that includes connections for safety barrier systems

Limited Traffic Disruption

  • Shop-applied wearing surface that reduces field work
  • Limited disruption of traffic after installation as field work is limited to a few finishing touches

Ultralight and Flexible Concept

  • Up to 66% lighter than its conventional concrete counterpart
  • Lightweight solution that’s ideal for increasing the capacity of existing bridges and raising payload limitations without having to replace or modify the main girders, piers or abutments
  • Optimal product for use on multiple longitudinal girder bridges
  • Can easily be adapted for bridges with only two main load-carrying members
  • Can accommodate extensions to widen the deck (for sidewalks, bike paths)

Contact us to obtain more information on this innovative and efficient bridge solution.

Canam-Bridges takes all structural specifications and customer requirements into consideration when designing, fabricating and erecting orthotropic steel deck.

You don’t have all the data necessary for your project? Not to worry. Our design engineers can inform and guide you as needed in order to obtain all the information that’s required to execute your bridge project.

Thanks to our rigorous quality control system, Canam-Bridges orthotropic steel deck can be adapted to the particular requirements of your structure as well as meet all technical standards specified by:


Orthotropic Steel Deck
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Replacement of the Hastings Swing Bridge

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