PFU Series Fixed Bearings with Uplift Restraint Device


Goodco Z-Tech pot bearings can be used for bridges, railway and highway overpasses and buildings.



Steel Components

All steel plates conform to CSA G40.20/G40.21, Grade 260W (ASTM A36), 300W, 350W (ASTM A572, Grade 50) or 350A (ASTM A588). Other steel grades can also be supplied, depending on their availability or the specific project requirements.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel conforms to ASTM A240/A240M, Type 304 or approved equivalent. The roughness of the surface in contact with the PTFE, measured in accordance with CSA B95, must not exceed an arithmetic mean of 0.25 μm.

PTFE (Polyetrafluoroethylene/Teflon®)

The PTFE discs are manufactured from pure unfilled sheets and the PTFE used for the guide bars can be 15% filled with glass fibers. All PTFE materials are chemically etched on one face to improve bonding.


The elastomer material for the elastomeric pad has a hardness of 50 duro ± 5 (using a durometer) and conforms to CAN/CSA S6-06, Table 11.5, or ASSHTO M251, Table 1.


The lubricant for the elastomer conforms to MIL-G-4343-C. The lubricant for the PTFE disc conforms to MIL-S-8660C.

Sealing Rings

The sealing rings are manufactured from half-hard, cold-rolled, 260 alloy brass in conformity with ASTM B36 / B36M.

Anchorage System

The fusion-welded studs conform to ASTM A108, Grade 1015, 1018 or 1020. The steel rods conform to CSA G40.20/G40.21, Grade 260W (ASTM A36), 300W, 350W or ASTM F 1554, Grade 105 (ASTM A193 B7). The connecting bolts conform to ASTM A325.

Steel Finish

The exposed steel surfaces are zinc-metalized to a minimum thickness of 175 microns in conformity with CSA G189 (AWS C2.23M/C2.23). It is recommended to use a polyurethane-based primer-sealer over the zinc-metalized surfaces. Epoxy or vinyl coating systems can also be used. The connection bolts and certain plates are hot-dipped galvanized in conformity with CSA G164 (ASTM A123).

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