Sliding Bearings – Series ETL

Steel/stainless steel plate on EL pad with PTFE surfaceAppui_serie_ETL
Load: 7 MPa
Movement: No restriction


Series ETL, ETR, and ETF bearings can be used for bridges, viaducts, buildings and structures where light loads to relatively large movement occur or where low resistance to horizontal movement is desired.


Series ETL bearings are made of molded steel reinforced bottom pad (Series EL) with PTFE vulcanized to its top surface. The top plate of this bearing is an ASTM A-36 or G40.21 300W steel plate with a 304 stainless steel, mirror finish (No.8), lower surface. The stainless steel sheet is continuously welded to the steel plate (also available according to MTQ 2008-10 requirements).

For technical information, download the brochure.


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