Structural Bearings

Goodco Z-Tech structural bearings are custom-designed and fabricated for highway and railway bridges as well as for use in steel or concrete civil engineering projects.

Structural bearings are key to enabling freedom of movement between a structure and its seating as well as transmitting vertical loads and rotation caused by operating loads, temperature variations, wind or earthquakes.

Helping You Make Optimal Choices

Goodco Z-Tech has made custom-designed products its trademark. Each structural bearing is custom-fabricated according to the specific structural requirements of your project.

You don’t have all the information in hand? Not to worry. Our design engineers can assist you.   We will design your structural bearings in compliance with all applicable criteria and technical standards, including:

Contact our experts to identify which type of structural bearing is best suited to your project.


Installation of Unidirectional Seismic Isolators


Prototype Test on a Seismic Isolator


Installation of unidirectional seismic isolators

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