Expansion Joints

Goodco Z-Tech expansion joints are custom-designed and fabricated to accommodate the structural movements of highway bridges, multi-level parking garages as well as various civil engineering works such as dams, airports and others.

Expansion joints ensure the continuity of bridge traffic while ensuring a watertight seal on the deck. They also prevent structural damage by absorbing movements such as expansions and rotations that result from loads caused by traffic, temperature variations, strong winds or earthquakes.

Helping You Make Optimal Choices

Goodco Z-Tech has made custom-designed products its trademark. Each expansion joint is custom-fabricated according to the specific structural requirements of your project.

The following elements are taken into consideration when fabricating expansion joints:

  • The particular requirements of your structure
  • The required range of movement
  • Traffic volume

You don’t have all this information in hand? Not to worry. Our design engineers can assist you. If your project does not have any special requirements, your expansion joints can be designed in compliance with the criteria specified in the following technical standards:

Contact our experts to identify which type of structural bearing is best suited to your project.


Strip Seal Expansion Joints Installation

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