The reputation of Canam-Bridges products stretches across North America.  We deliver top quality components that comply with recognized standards and customer requirements through the application of meticulous ongoing improvements in materials, design and fabrication.

Steel Bridges

Canam-Bridges has the expertise necessary to design, fabricate and erect large and complex steel bridges. Over the past 50 years, we have partnered in the construction of cable-stayed, moveable, delta-leg and truss bridges, overpasses and many other structures.

Wooden Bridges

In addition to their architectural and ecological appeal, wooden bridges are light and simple to erect. We can produce 3D designs of glulam girders, perform finite element analyses and machining using conventional or CNC equipment as well as supply you with various species of wood. Why not consider an option that combines both steel and wood?

Orthotropic Steel Deck

Orthotropic steel deck is a high-potential solution for the rapid replacement or rehabilitation of bridges. Lighter and more flexible than its conventional concrete counterpart, orthotropic steel deck reduces assembly time in the field and limits disruptions to traffic.

Structural Bearings

LogoUniegoodco_ENGoodco Z-Tech structural bearings are custom-designed and fabricated for highway and railway bridges as well as for use in steel or concrete civil engineering projects.

Expansion Joints

LogoUniegoodco_ENGoodco Z-Tech expansion joints are custom-designed and fabricated to accommodate the structural movements of highway bridges, multi-level parking garages as well as various civil engineering works such as dams, airports and others.

Other Products

In addition to our products and components for engineering works, we’ve also developed expertise in hydroelectric dams and industrial projects. Canam-Bridges can fabricate steel tube transmission towers and large-scale structural steel components.

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