Structal-Bridges to Make a Presentation at the CSCE 2013 Annual Conference


May 30, 2013

Structal-Bridges will make a presentation at the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 2013 Annual Conference that’s slated to take place in Montreal, Quebec, from May 29th to June 1st, 2013. The presentation, entitled Development of an innovative orthotropic steel deck solution for bridges rehabilitation will be made by Yannick Martin, a junior engineer at Structal-Bridges.

Yannick Martin, junior engineer, recently completed his undergraduate studies at Universit√© Laval in Quebec City. He received an industrial research award in summer 2012 as part of the above-mentioned project. Yannick is currently pursuing a master’s degree and is the recipient of an industrial innovation scholarship (BMP Innovation) in partnership with Universit√© Laval and Structal-Bridges.

Overview of the Presentation

As part of a bridge rehabilitation project executed for the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec, Structal-Bridges elaborated an innovative solution using orthotropic steel deck that was designed to develop full composite action with longitudinal girders. The lightweight deck (2.5 kPa) is advantageous from a structural viewpoint and shop prefabrication assures enhanced quality as well as rapid field erection. The 23-metre (75.5 ft.) deck plate is stiffened longitudinally by ribs and transversally with bracing. The system is bolted to the existing girders and develops full composite action by transferring all shear flow through the inverted longitudinal TEEs.

The deck components are shop-assembled, primarily by submerged arc welding, and almost the entire 6 mm polyurethane-based non-slip wearing surface that covers the roadway is pre-applied in-plant. The orthotropic deck is designed for Class A highways, as defined by standard CAN/CSA-S6, and a service life of 75 years. The article documents the activities related to the overall design and shop fabrication of this orthotropic deck.

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