Memorial Bridge Southbound Span in Place


January 29, 2013

The first section of the Memorial Bridge that links Kittery, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was recently erected on the piers of the new bridge. The immense steel structure, which measures 300 ft. (91.4 m) long and weighs 650 tons, forms the southbound span.

Photo: NHDOT The first section of the new Memorial Bridge on the barge prior to departure.
Photo: NHDOT The 650-ton steel bridge structure was floated down the Piscataqua River

The structure left the Port of New Hampshire by barge. It was held in place 18 ft. (5.5 m) above the deck on jacks, resulting in an impressive sight for the many spectators who had come to witness the maneuver. The erection, which required exacting precision, was completed without difficulty. The northbound span is slated to be erected in March.

Structal-Bridges was mandated to supply three through truss spans, two towers for the moveable section of the bridge and the steel structure that will replace the approaches to the main bridge, totaling 2,730 tons of steel for this project.



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