Highway 73 Expansion Project: Structal-Bridges Delivers the Longest Girders in its History


July 12, 2011

Structal-Bridges began delivering steel components for a bridge that will be built over the Famine River in St. Georges, Quebec, in the scope of the Highway 73 expansion project. StrStructal-Bridges will fabricate a total of 24 girders for this project, 16 of which will measure 176-ft. 10-in. (53.9 m), the longest Structal-Bridges has ever fabricated. The massive components weigh between 110,000 and 112,000 lb. each.

Jean Pomerleau, Transportation Manager at Canam Group, commented the delivery operations: “Transporting components of this size requires considerable preparation. Many precautions have to be taken and we must also work closely with the provincial transport authority in order to avoid traffic slowdowns. The components are delivered under police escort using an extendable trailer with rear steerable dollies.”

Deliveries will be completed in July while construction work on the highway itself will continue through to 2012. The bridge structure will be erected over the Famine River during the same period.

Photo: Richard Poulin (EnBeauce.com)


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