Completion of Highway 30


February 7, 2011

Structal-Bridges Delivers its Heaviest-Ever Girder

Structal-Bridges recently delivered the first two box girders that will be used in the construction of a bridge on Highway 30 straddling the St. Lawrence Seaway at the Beauharnois Canal. The two components, which respectively measure 64 and 132 feet (19.5 and 40 m) in length and weigh 107 and 215 tons each, were fabricated at the Quebec City plant in October and November. This delivery marks the heaviest girder ever shipped by Structal since the business unit’s foundation. The monumental size of the girders and complications in accessing the job site required Structal to take special means in order to deliver the components on time.


Exceptional Transportation Measures

Given that the girders were oversized and that the job site is not accessible by the seaway at this time of year, exceptional measures had to be taken in order to ensure delivery. The girders were shipped in multiple sections from the Structal plant to a subcontractor in Sorel-Tracy for assembly. The fully assembled components were then loaded onto a barge in Sorel and transported to the Beauharnois Canal. Upon arrival, the girders were transferred to a 20-axle (160 tires) oversize load transport trailer in order to complete the final leg of their journey to the job site over land.

The next deliveries are slated for April. However, since the job site will be accessible directly via the seaway in the spring, an oversize load transport vehicle will no longer be necessary. Structal-Bridges will fabricate close to 15,000 tons of steel components, including 80 box girders, in the scope of this project , which is worth an estimated $55M.

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