An Award from the ABCD for Canam-Bridges


May 29, 2018

The Portageville Railway Bridge, a project on which Canam-Bridges collaborated, received the 2017-2018 Outstanding Long Span Bridge Award from the Association for Bridge Construction and Design – Susquehanna Chapter (ABCD).

Pont ferroviaire de Portageville - Portageville Railway Bridge

Built in 1875 and spanning over the Genesee River in Portageville, New York, this old bridge no longer met the standards, making the rail traffic unsafe.

The first piece fabricated by Canam weighed 93,500 pounds, measured 53 feet, 6 inches (16 metres) in length and, with the shop-bolted gusset plates, the height of the piece reached 11 feet, 4 inches (3.5 metres).

Pont ferroviaire de Portageville, pièce - Portageville Railway Bridge, Piece
First piece fabricated by Canam.
Pont ferroviaire de Portageville, construction - Portageville Railway Bridge, site
Credit: New York State Parks

The bridge was reopened to rail traffic in December 2017.

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