New Champlain Bridge: 601 Box Girders Fabricated with the Lean Method


November 1, 2017

Category: Box Girders, New Champlain Bridge  -  Published by: Canam-Bridges

Canam-Bridges is proud to present the second video clip from its webseries entitled “Connecting the Shorelines” which will focus on the fabrication of the components of the new Champlain Bridge.

Our experience in this project has enabled us to significantly improve efficiency, increase speed, and eliminate waste. In this second episode, you will learn how we embraced the Lean culture as well as the new procedures we implemented.

Episode 2: Shop Issuing

Do not miss the next video clip in which we will talk about steel components fabrication, welding, management of subcontractors and quality assurance.

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Episode 1: Engineering and Drafting

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