Industrial Projects

Pylone_acierCanam-Bridges also has expertise in the industrial sector, including forestry, mining, petrochemical and energy industries, such as hydroelectric development. We participate in the design, fabrication and erection of structures or steel components according to elevated industry standards. The needs of our customers vary, ranging from permanent to temporary bridges to facilitate access to forestry or mining operations, floodgates as well as engineered or industrial structures that require large-scale steel components.

Canam-Bridges can execute both standard and specialized projects thanks to its multidisciplinary team of designers, drafting specialists, experienced fabricators, erection engineering experts and project managers that are focused on your specific needs.


Canam-Bridges’ reputation for fabricating leading-edge products is known throughout North America. We’re committed to providing you with durable, superior quality products that are fabricated in compliance with all applicable standards and delivered on time to ensure your total satisfaction.

Our Highway Bridge Products

Complementary Products

Other products

  • Industrial components
  • Transmission towers

The fabrication of bridge components and complementary products is carried out in four plants located in Canada and the United States. The combined annual fabrication capacity of these plants is 57,500 tons and components can be delivered both by truck and rail across Canada and the U.S. Our facilities are among the most modern, safe and productive in the industry, making Canam-Bridges a partner of choice for the fabrication of complex and large-scale components.

Our Bridge Plants

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We offer painting and metallizing services for components of all sizes at our Quebec City, QC, and Claremont, NH, plants. These facilities, which each feature a vast storage area, specialize in surface preparation, metallizing and painting large-scale steel and structural steel components.

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Our mobile gantry cranes can handle components weighing up to 135 tons while our fleet is composed of over 300 specialized transportation vehicles and attachments. The Quebec City, QC, plant is equipped with rail access directly onsite and components can be loaded onto trucks and trains from inside the facility.

Our expertise in erecting complex bridge structures enables us to better plan and realize the implementation of our customers’ projects.

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