Expansion Joints: Strip Seal Installation


December 14, 2015

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Goodco Z-Tech has posted a video that explains how to install strip seals on Series 1000, Type C single cell expansion joints, which are used by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, as well as on modular expansion joints.

Goodco Z-Tech can look after the installation of strip seals for a very competitive price. In the event that the general contractor would like to install the strip seals themselves, they are strongly urged to watch the video presented in this article prior to beginning work.

Before proceeding, the installer must first be sure to have the right tools. For instance, using a sharp-edged tool could cut the strip seals and require that they be replaced at the expense of the contractor. The installer must also verify the identification information on the strip seal rolls to ensure they are the correct models and will be used in the right location. Furthermore, the installer must unroll the seals prior to starting work to verify in advance that they are the right length.

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  1. Comment by Amratlal Mistry the 6 January 2016 at 15 h 08 min

    Installation of Strip Seals for Expansion Joints video will be very helpful to me on current ongoing Gardiner Expressway project.


    Amratlal Mistry
    Construction Inspector
    WSP Inc./MMM Group Ltd.

  2. Comment by Canam-Bridges the 29 March 2016 at 10 h 04 min

    Thank you for your comment!

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