Discover the Engineering and Design Challenges for the Fabrication of the New Champlain Bridge Components


July 4, 2017

Category: Box Girders, New Champlain Bridge  -  Published by: Canam-Bridges

Canam-Bridges is proud to present the first video clip from a webseries entitled “Connecting the Shorelines” which will focus on the fabrication of the components of the new Champlain Bridge. The first episode presents the advantages and challenges of design-build construction in addition to the management of four teams totaling 50 drafters, in four locations. The webseries will include a total of four video clips as well as more in-depth interviews on the various themes.

Episode 1: Engineering and Drafting

Download the full interviews

Do not miss the next video clip in which we will explain the shop issuing step which includes the changes in work methods and the integration of the Lean method. The upcoming video clips will cover the fabrication of steel components and the delivery of parts to the site.

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