Editorial Policy

Our blog is an interactive platform that presents technical articles and case studies. It is also used to share information on new products and services offered by the company.

This platform is equally a forum for exchange that allows you to ask questions or express comments on the content that is presented.

Blog Content

All articles are archived by category. You may search these categories to consult all related articles. It’s also possible to search archived articles according to the month in which they were posted.


Different bloggers contribute their expertise and answer questions. Their profiles are presented under Our Team.

Revision of Comments

We reserve the right to edit comments that are considered to be too long, irrelevant or off subject. We also reserve the right to censure comments that use inappropriate or offensive language or that are written in languages other than English or French.

We cannot make statements on current political issues or answer questions that contravene our obligations or commitments towards customers, partners or suppliers.


All articles are posted in both English and French. Comments are published in the language they were written.

Should you have any questions about this policy or the blog, please contact us.

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