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About Us

For over 50 years, Canam-Bridges has led the North American industry in the design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges, structural bearings and expansion joints for the highway, railway and industrial markets. The company adds real value to the projects it executes thanks to its team of technical experts, state-of-the-art equipment, high production capacity and fully dedicated painting and metallizing facilities.

It is thanks to the know-how of our employees and to our rigorous quality control programs that we are able to meet the strict quality standards set by the industry. Canam-Bridges is committed to providing excellent customer service. We make every effort to achieve customer satisfaction, from delivering on-time to ensuring product conformity.

To meet customer needs while maintaining competitive prices, we rely on a highly skilled and experienced team, superior quality products and continuous improvements to our fabrication process.

Our in-house engineering team supports our customers by offering personalized advice and better bridge building solutions. If need be, we will provide our customers with design-build services. The fact that all our drawings are three-dimensional allows us to secure better control of quality during the fabrication process.



The pursuit of a better customer experience

The Strength of a Group

Canam-Bridges is a business of Canam Group, a manufacturing company that has specialized in designing construction solutions and custom manufacturing products since 1961.



On average, Canam Group participates in 10,000 construction projects per year, namely in three areas:

  • buildings
  • structural steel
  • bridges


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